Welcome to Fine Art by Cynthia Slater

Welcome to my website! Here you will find a variety of subject matter and mediums to view and enjoy. I have a great love for all forms of life and seek to express this love in all of my renderings. Are you a dog, horse, or cat lover like I am?

I specialize in creating the faces of these kind and wonderful furry friends! In my gallery of furry friends you will find that I have painted or sketched various dog portraits. These are all commissioned portraits of highly satisfied customers! If you have a favorite pet and would like a treasured work of art to cherish, I would be honored to create an exquisite work of art specifically for you!

Just place your order specifications along with a photograph or your favorite pet pal and you will soon be the owner of a beautiful painting or charcoal that you are certain to cherish for years to come!

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